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New Directories Blog – Directory Kit

June 24, 2007

Just been checking my sites for blog reactions on Technorati and a new directories blogger has added me to their blogroll. I had a good read of the blog and it is offering some great articles about to run directories, here are some of the posts that I have read and liked:

33 Killer ways to increase traffic to your directory – Writing articles about your directory is definitely something that I have never heard of I will have to give this a try.

10 Steps procedure to accepting quality sites – Something that I am sure a lot of directory owners will struggle with, article offers great tips.

27 SEO tools that every directory owner should use – Great list of SEO tools for directory owners, these are probably good for all site owners.

The blogger has also created a list of directories and been kind enough to add my directory Biz-Dir. If you own a directory or are interested in learning more about directories then I recommend you get yourself over there and have a read, here is a link to the blog –


June 4, 2007 offers a range resources for directory owners. Offered resources include interviews with directory owners, directory script articles and reviews, SEO articles and the directory owners forum. If you own a directory I recommend you get yourself over there and check it out, I particularly like the interviews with directory owners, it is really interesting to hear what the real pros have to say about their directories and the directory industry. Also get yourself registered at the forums and talk to other directory owners about directory issues, there is a real friendly atmosphere over there and I am sure they will welcome you with open arms.

Click on the following link to visit the website –

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Digital Point Directory Forums

February 17, 2007

Digital Point Logo

Digital Point forums are the most popular webmaster forums in the world, the directory forums at Digital Point are an excellent directory resource, weather you are looking for new directories to submit too, information about directories or a place to announce your directory Digital Point Directory Forums are a one stop shop, if you are interested in directories you should definitely check them out.

Click on the following link to visit the forums – Digital Point Directory Forums

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