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February 18, 2007

Koollog Dir Logo

Koollog Dir is a really cool free submit directory hosted on a site that is all about free stuff. There are lot’s of free submit directories out there but many of them are a complete waste of time, either your link will never get added or even if it does it will never get spidered by any search engines, Koollog Dir has the vast majority of it’s pages is indexed by Google, MSN and Yahoo so when you submit to Koollog Dir you will definitely get a quality link for your site (links are approved fast), I really like the design of the directory as well, the owner has obviously put alot of effort in to making sure that it looks the part, the categories are not to cluttered and it doesn’t link to any dodgy (bad neighborhood) sites, what are you waiting for? Go and submit now!

Click on the following link to visit the Directory – Free Web Directory

Koollog Dir Statistics on the 18/02/07

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Links found by Yahoo! Site Explorer – 2592

Alexa Ranking – 122547


2 Responses to “Koollog Dir”

  1. kiviniar Says:

    Yup, its up and running and also the link to this directory blog http://free-web-directory.koollog.com/cat/16/ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great stuff happening here

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